No reason for India to Celebrate

With elections finally coming to an end, we have a new President of the United States of America , JOE BIDEN. Making us question was the election really between Trump and Biden or was it between Trump and the rest of the world? From every Media outlet to every celebrity talk show they had only one Propaganda of putting Biden as the only option and we thought only Indian Media is sold! World is celebrating, so are we Indians. But, the question is do we Indians have anything to celebrate? or aren't we the ones at the losing end? Your interpretation of my words will be subject to factors like Nationality, Political Affiliations and your Continent at large. If you haven't been so keen in world politics or International relations, still US elections should affect you.

USA holds the power of controlling your government more than you can, from every accessory to any large product that you might be using would surely have a connection to US. So, who holds power of such a great country should affect us all for better or for worse. This election was different, it was a fight for some to make America great again and to some protecting it's soul. Election fought within chaos of Racial discrimination, Economic crisis and handling of Global Pandemic might prove the best for China and Pakistan (we are at war with both of them). What this elections (Basically, Trump's re-election) meant, could he explain from two great rallies (Howdy Modi and Namaste Trump) and visiting of Mike Pompeo to India just before their elections. The bonhomie attitude of Trump and Modi earned India favors (a would be Trade deal , BECA , casing of sanctions in chabhar port, buying Russian Weapons) . We as India are in mid of chaos almost at war at Two fronts, falling economy and Covid-19 . With USSR (basically Russia) losing it's Charm, our relations with them have seen a downsurge with a country growing right at your door is dangerous because of their expansionary policies, human rights violation and close ties with Terror Capital of the world. Trump, as usual was blunt from starting but was a good prove for India, he almost snapped relations with Pakistan and his country is in cold war with China. There is a very famous saying you don't have permanent friends ,you have permanent Interests. Which was totally proved good for us , because companies pulling out of china were seeing India as a viable option , with US pressure Pakistan status at FATF (Financial Action Task force against Terrorism) could have been degraded to Black list attracting stringent economic sanctions from the world. But Biden's election is a setback not only in terms of losing a great friend ( and our enemy's enemy) but also seeing the past record of Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden Received Hilal-e-Pakistan (Pakistan's Highest Civilian Award) for making them a Major partner in US-Afghan talks which are still on and in news. Biden's easy stand on China may not go with his countrymen who are already losing jobs. But, Still he ain't gonna be harsh on them.

But, one thing that goes out of notice was Kamala Harris, She shot up to success because of being half black and half Indian and you know sympathy still works in elections. Caste and religion is not just a major factor in country like India but also land of free "America" . She has been very vocal on human rights violations, Minority rights in India (but without actually seeing her own past record). Hope, she will be equally vocal on matters related to her country and china too. So, in a Nutshell next 4 years of US Presidency are going to be one hell of a ride for us. Even if we stay optimistic , we can only hope situation not to get worse than this. Hope, he proves me wrong and our countries don't lose upon years of our strong relationship.

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