Starting something and Never able to finish it

This is me struggling in real. I am not here to give you any tips on "How to finish everything you start", Just writing this piece for myself. I haven't been myself for so long I can't remember the last time I did something I liked. I start new tasks so often and leave then after 2-3 days just like I started this website and stopped paying attention to it. I started studying I dropped the plan when I realized the topics are getting Harder day by day, Tried working on my physique but every time I come up with a new excuse.

I really want to do so many things and here I am just thinking how I am not doing those things. Instead of doing them . People say don't be so hard on yourself you are not a machine but does this help?? I think I have developed this habit of not taking anything seriously not even my work and my life. I should really do something otherwise I am going to regret it real soon.

Making a commitment to write everyday no matter what I write at least gotta have something.- (Well this was funny)

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