The Funny Tuition Classes

Back when I was in school everyone among my friends developed a fashion of going to the Tuition classes. This can be for various reasons like not performing well in the academics or just a mere pressure of seeing your friend going to the classes without you and able to solve the questions before you. I was in 12th standard studying in Hilton's School, Dehradun and I used to sit with a girl named Sakshi Gupta , During Mathematics class I used to get so amused by her problem solving skills and when I used to ask her where did she learn this trick or "how are you able to solve such a complex problem?" she always used to tell me that she practice Mathematics a lot ( That's a hell lot of Practice) . Later, During a discussion I came to know that she goes to some Tuition classes by Mohan Gupta Sir and not only her about 70% of the people in my class used to go to his Tuition classes.

On that very day when I went back to home I told about this to my parents as I had this fear that I am lagging behind from 70% of the students of my class. I don't know whether I was curious to learn new concepts or I just wanted to compete with others ( Our Education System). So, my parents agreed for the Tuition classes and the fees at that time (2015) was 800 rupees just for Mathematics Tuition. I joined the classes the very next day and I was literally talking to myself about all the possibilities. The timing was right after our school and I had to go to tuition in my school uniform. I sat with my friend Rashika Joshi and to my surprise our tuition teacher used to call her Joshi Ji ( Kind a Funny Though) . I introduced myself and he started the class with Matrices. We usually used to sit around a table and he used to sit in the middle of the table while explaining the concepts on the white board. The way he explained the concepts was out of the box but it came with a price ( Apart from the Tuition fee).

He had this habit of always chewing paan or tobacco, I am not sure what it was but it surely made his mouth red and while explaining any problem the room was filled a peculiar kind of smell and if we are lucky small sprinkles of Paan used to fall on our Notebooks leaving the permanent red dots. Apart from this, he had this habit of cracking draggy jokes and he used to make sure that nobody laughs on his jokes and the one who laughed was expelled from the classroom. Once my phone started ringing in the middle of the class (with the ringtone "The other side - Bruno Mars) and everyone started looking at me I got so scared and tried to find my phone but it was lost somewhere in my bag and kept ringing Finally when I found it and set my phone to silent mode I was asked to leave the room LOL!!! and I left Happily ( because I already knew what he was teaching , Huhh!!! ( Mujhe sir se bhi zda aata hai) ) . It was a funny Experience.

One day I was informed by my friend that we won't have any tuition today as sir's mother passed away, We felt sorry for him and were sympathetic towards him. We did not attend any classes for 3 days assuming he will not teach us as he was suffering from the loss of his mother. On 4th day we were asked to come for tuition classes the moment we stepped in he asked everyone in the room "Why were you not coming to the classes, did someone die?" and he was smiling after that . We looked at each other with complete shock , someone should have told him that we understand what you are going through and you are not required to crack a joke to lighten up the situation, but we were not brave enough and he was not savvy enough.

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